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Bar Preservation | Timber Preservation in Buildings

What we do

Timber Decay & Infestation


Timber Preservation in Buildings

Our homes and all other types of buildings which were constructed using timber for floors, wall and roof structures are susceptible to attack from decay and infestation under certain circumstances.

The most common problems we find in our homes and buildings are due to wet rot and dry rot often triggered by a defect, poor design or a lack of maintenance.

Our surveyors have the specific qualifications, skills and experience to inspect and rectify timber decay; they are all Certified Surveyors for Remedial Treatments (CSRT).

Dry Rot
Wet Rot
Dry Rot
Dry Rot
Dry Rot
Dry Rot
Dry Rot
Dry Rot

Timber Treatment

All timber repairs, timber treatment, damp proofing and waterproofing undertaken by BAR Preservation are covered by long-term guarantees; we will also give you the option to be covered by independent insurance guarantees.

Timber Infestation Survey

One of our qualified surveyors will visit your property to carry out a full survey and undertake an extensive investigation into the cause of timber decay within the building.

Once the problem has been identified, our surveyor will provide a full written report listing the defects, explaining the recommended repairs required and providing a cost for our trained technicians to carry out the work. Timber preservation may include resin strengthening of timber as well as more traditional methods.

A standard timber survey involves a visual inspection by rolling back carpets, etc. where possible and testing for moisture content in the accessible timbers; it does not allow for the cutting of new access traps or loft hatches. We will however, if possible, lift existing traps to inspect sub-floor areas and loft spaces.

A lot of information can be found in this way with the use of endoscopic instruments, moisture meters and the combined use of a torch and a mirror.

If however our surveyors think that further exposure works is required then the customer will be contacted and a quotation for a joiner and a surveyor to return to site will be issued.

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