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Lintel Repair

Lintel Repair

Lintels are used within properties to carry the load of brickwork from above a door, window or other opening in an external or internal wall.

If any of these lintels are faulty, have corroded, are made from soldier courses (bricks curved laid vertically which can sag through slight movement) or were not installed as part of the original build, it is likely that cracking and instability in the surrounding walls will occur.

In severe cases walls become dangerous because of faulty or missing lintels. Lintel problems are often uncovered when replacing windows; brickwork may collapse above an opening due to a lack of lintel support.

At BAR Preservation we undertake lintel repair or replacement for failed or missing lintels.

Traditional Replacement

We have experienced bricklayers who will take down the brickwork over an opening, remove the faulty lintel and then replace the brickwork incorporating a new galvanised steel lintel and often incorporate a cavity tray. We try to clean off and re-use original bricks and mix new mortar to blend with the surrounding brickwork. If this is not possible, we endeavour to find salvaged bricks that match or find a new brick that matches the colour, size and texture of the original as closely as possible.

Front of a house example of lintel replacement

Remedial Lintel Repairs

In some circumstances it may be possible to use modern remedial systems to correct faulty lintels. BAR preservation have used these for domestic, commercial and housing association clients. These systems are proving very popular as they do not affect the appearance of the property, they are fast to install and also very economical.

BAR Preservation installed remedial lintels in over 1,500 houses in East Manchester for a housing association saving hundreds of pounds per property and dramatically speeding up the rate of work.

The remedial lintel system involves cutting out the original mortar, placing stainless steel bars in position and then injecting a new resin and grout mortar; when cured this forms a supporting beam within the existing brickwork. These cut mortar joints are then re-pointed along with adjacent cracking to form an almost invisible repair. Our preferred method is the use of ‘Helifix’ products as a ‘Helifix’ Approved Installer and can offer insurance backed warranties through the ‘Helifix’ scheme.