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Specialist Anchors

Specialist Anchors

BAR Preservation are approved installers of specialist anchors and repair techniques.

We have specialist building technicians trained and certified in the installation of specialist repair techniques including Cintec, Duckbill, Helifix and Thor Helical.

BAR Preservation has been responsible for the sympathetic structural reinforcement of many prestigious and listed buildings over the years. We are able to reinstate the structural integrity of a building without the need for visible bars, pattress plates and the like, all of which can spoil the original look of a building.

Our sister company Parkwood Contractors is generally responsible for our extensive anchoring works which can be viewed at www.parkwoodcontractors.co.uk 

Our specialist anchors and repairs can be made practically invisible. BAR Preservation is often specified as the supplier of choice by engineers requiring structural repairs without altering the existing appearance of the building or structure.

If you require technical information on any of the specialist anchors used by BAR Preservation, for example Cintec or Duckbill Anchors, please call 0161 655 3480 now.

Ground Anchors

BAR Preservation have wide experience in the restraining of retaining walls with the use of Ground Anchors.

A recent example of Ground Anchor Installation is the retaining wall shown in the photos, which forms the rear boundary of a Supermarket. The wall had bowed due to forces of the retained earth behind. With the use of ‘Duck bill” ground anchors, our technicians restrained the wall back 6 metres into the clay behind. The anchors tendons where then grouted into the wall and steel plates fitted within the wall prior to replacing the brick cores to avoid unsightly pattress plates.

Cintec Anchors

Cintec Anchors are made up of a stainless steel hollow or solid central bar and a fabric sock which surrounds it which is sealed off at each end. A hole of sufficient diameter and depth is drilled and the anchor placed within it, with the aid of a hollow core or a tube in the case of a solid bar centre, specialist non-shrink grout is pumped into the anchor filling the fabric sock and filling the void created by drill. Once the grout fills all available voids it cures within the structure forming a mechanical and adhesive bond.

The main uses are structural repair and strengthening of walls and other masonry structures, the system is particularly well suited to stone walls which account for the majority of our installations.

Generally pilot holes are drilled using either wet or dry diamond drilling techniques. BAR Preservation and Parkwood Contractors (Our ‘sister’ company) have been installing Cintec Anchors for over 20 years.

During this period we have worked on many historical buildings and structures including several castles, churches, cathedrals, schools, York Minster, bridges and variety of other mills and fine historic structures.

More information can be found on our ‘sister’ company website: www.parkwoodcontractors.co.uk