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Subsidence is usually detected when cracks appear in walls and plaster, doors may become stiff because the frame has moved out of line or floors become uneven.

The causes of subsidence include:

Often subsidence is covered by your building insurance and will need to be investigated by your insurance company or their appointed loss adjusters. If subsidence is found, that meets certain criteria, underpinning works or piling will often be specified to repair the property.

BAR Preservation has worked with many loss adjusters and structural engineers to carry out underpinning and piling works.

BAR Preservation is a specialist in the best ways of underpinning walls and property, ranging from mass concrete underpinning to piling and soil grouting.

Underpinning and Piling

Driven Steel Piles

Increasingly, due to their ease of installation and lack of extensive excavation works BAR Preservation subsidence projects include the installation of driven steel piles; a new, innovative approach to subsidence that uses steel tubes driven into the ground and anchored into the masonry structure of the property just below ground level.

BAR Preservation has driven such piles up to six meters in to the ground to reach decent, solid ground.

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