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Structural Repairs


Specialist Structural Repairs to Buildings

BAR Preservation provide specialist repairs to all structural problems in buildings.

Our wide experience in repairing structural defects extends to all types of property. Our service includes structural strapping, roof triangulation and lateral restraint anchors, masonry reinforcement and remedial lintel repair.

We also undertake underpinning and designed anchor installation.
Our specialist building works include:

Wall Ties Underpinning Lateral Restraints Lintel Repair Specialist Anchors
Structural Repairs

The BAR Preservation Assurance

If you choose BAR Preservation then your greatest assurance is our willingness to have our work independently supervised by a building surveyor or structural engineer. BAR Preservation has earned a reputation for good quality work, using high quality materials and as a result is recommended by many structural engineering practices, building surveyors and architects.

A long term company guarantee with the option to insurance back will be issued to cover wall tie replacement.

BAR Preservation specialise in wall tie replacement and are approved by major banks, building societies and local authorities. BAR Preservation are full members of the Wall Tie Installers Federation and offer diagnosis of wall tie corrosion. Quotations for replacement as required.

We have an enviable reputation for caring workmanship and for a high level of expertise. All building technicians are employed by BAR Preservation and are fully trained, skilled and experienced to carry out structural repair work.

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